What I have here is a collection of some of the work I have completed over the years.

As motion picture and still photography are increasingly being captured with digital technology, I strive to continue my projects on film. While digital photography has its application and value in the creative world. For me, film is an aesthetically and technically superior medium with rich heritage and heart.

I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts and Tufts University in Boston, Massachusetts. I am currently based out of my hometown of Los Angeles, California.

Reach out to me at daniel.alvarado989@gmail.com

All motion picture work is hosted through Vimeo.

A young man who suffers from physical anxiety, struggles to find his own path through life without being affected by pressures around him.

Shot on 16mm with a Aaton XTR.

Writer/Director/Producer: Daniel Alvarado
Executive Producer: Angela Stempel
Director of Photography: Dan Finlayson
Editor: Amory Blaine
Assistant Director: Ella Mielniczenko
First AC: Scott Ray
Second AC: Thespi Guatiero
Gaffer/Grip: John Cico
Boom Operator/Sound Mixer: John Gage
Production Designer: Megan Geer
Craft Service: Helen Jung

Devon Fox - Alex
Marcus Gray - Gavin
Jme De Sousa - Devin
Rebecca DeGraw - Meditation Instructor
Andrea Tzvetka - Meditator #1
John Cico - Meditator #2
Older Man - Meditator #3
Barry Taft - Graffiti Artist
Adam Aries - Piercer

As we live in a technologically prominent world, the film is an observation on the way we communicate with one another within the private and public rooms that surround us.

Shot on 16mm with an Arriflex SR.

Daniel Alvarado

Bobby Flannery

The Players (In Order Of Appearance):
Barry Taft
John Pearson
Devon Fox
Lara Diaz
Kevin Clayton
Eve Pisacane
Helen Jung
Caio Sesma
Terrence Smith
Marcus Gray
Alex Rathbun

Inspired by the thought of exploring beyond the single image in a still picture, this silent film is executed in one take exploring the scenario of a robbery in process.

Shot on 16mm with an Arriflex SR.

Daniel Alvarado

The Players (In Order Of Appearance):
Matt Lew
Devon Fox
David Rosenfeld
Marcus Gray
David B. Weaver

A handmade film using water colors on 16mm leader with each frame individually painted. With a run time of 2 minutes 50 seconds, roughly 100 feet of clear leader was painted.

Note: The film is silent.